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Date letter help required


I have identified the birmingham assey marks but cannot identify date letter, is it a U or J or even a V.
Can you please help with date and or any other info would be appreciated ?
Is maker known ?
Hallmark 2.jpg

I would be interested to know what the item is that’s hallmarked please? Is it a fob of some sorts?

This looks like V for 1895 in my book. Anyone any other idea?

It is a large locket, I will attach a photo of the front in due course. It is has flowers and patern work onit.
Thanks for your replies.

Can I suggest ‘g’ for 1881. I was a bit worried about the lack of duty mark if it was 1881, but perhaps the locket is too small to require duty to be paid. I can’t remember what the law was on dutiable items.

The only Birmingham JAs I can find have pellets between the letters. However, I have found one from an Indian (Madras) hallmark of James Allan which is almost identical.
James Allan.jpg

Many thanks for all your help.
I have now attached more photos of item.
It now looks as though the date letter could be a Y ?
More info would be appreciated.
Halmarks 1.JPG
Locket front web size.JPG
Halmarks 2.JPG