Decorative jug with unknown marks

I recently bought this jug from a charity shop. I’ve tried to do some research on the marks but so far no luck partly because they are unclear. I think there are two letters, either JB or JR. I can’t find any reference to the numbers so I’m guessing it may be silver plated.
Any help would be very much appreciated!

You are right in suspecting that it is silver plated. This is an electroplate mark of John Round & Sons of Sheffield. 14135 is either a pattern number or some other form of factory identification. It is possible that 44 may relate to the capacity of the jug (44 fl oz?) or maybe not.

As the jug is electroplate you will need to be fairly careful that you don’t overpolish it when you come to clean it. Use a good quality silver polish and take your time. If there is no pre-existing plating loss it should come up looking really good.


Thank you so much for your knowledge and advice Phil. Mystery solved!