Does anyone know this maker?

Hi All
i am new to this forum. i began (slowly) learning about silver about two years ago. i have an old piece of Sterling that i cannot seem to find with any certainty the maker of this piece. It does not help that i am terrible at discerning fancy script.

Anyway, i believe it is from 1803. Hopefully the pic is large enough. Can anyone recognize the maker?

Appreciate any help you can provide.

Maker Mark.jpg

This appears to be the mark of George Greenhill Jones, but he was working 60-70 years earlier than your date of 1803. Can you post a picture of the full hallmark please - and perhaps of the whole piece?

Thank-you so much for the incredibly prompt response.
i too thought it could be George Greenhill Jones, but the scant images i found showed a slightly different mark and as you pointed out, there is perhaps an age discrepancy.

For some reason i had a lot of trouble photoing the marks so i had to resort to shooting through a magnifying glass, but i believe this should now work.

Thanks again!.

The H is 1802/03 And tax mark is also corresponding to that period.

There is definitely an inconsistency here. the maker’s mark could be an unregistered one, but it is not recorded in Grimwade’s book on London marks which does include a range of unregistered marks. My only thought is that the salts may have been originally by Jones from c1740 but altered/repaired and re-hallmarked in 1803.

Thanks again. Very interesting and something to think about. i had a very close look at the three pieces and, though i am certainly no expert, i cannot find any hint of an alteration or repair. These are armorial pieces with ‘busy’ guilt interior and repousse’ design which i trust would make it hard to hide modifications. They appear totally in tact.

Not sure but perhaps the the emblem might be of help? In any case, greatly appreciate the assistance!

Apparently the mystery is solved. The salts i’m told were made by George Pizey and referenced in Grimwade.

Gentlemen, good morning to all. I am new to this forum. I have a smallish ladle in my possession, the hallmark and maker’s mark of which I have been unable to trace down.

The hallmark is a vertically positioned four-leaf clover. The left and right leaves contain the numbers 18 and 58 respectively. I think this should be the date of production.

The upper leaf has the number 13. The fourth leaf contains the letter K.

In the middle there is a vertically positioned oval “shield”, of which only the right half has some visible but unidentifiable details; the left half of it is smooth.

The assayer’s mark is K and F, with a full stop after the F only.

I kindly ask you to save the attached image and zoom in on the marks.

Many thanks.

PS: I am from Hungary. I suppose the ladle comes from the wider region, but it is definitely not Austrian nor Hungarian.
ezustkanal copy.jpg