Dutch?/German? Mystery Spoon - Sailing Ship Handle

Hi All.

First posting, so hello and hope that I get terminology/details etc right.

So, a spoon with (as image shows) a plain bowl but a very ornate handle.
The stem has a man (Atlas?) shouldering a ship in full sail.
Dimensions are 225mm x 50mm x 10mm
The condition is really good. I doubt it’s see the light of day since the 1930s!

Clearly, it’s an import. The English marks are Chester/1906/.925/Berthold Mueller
So far so good.
Maker marks are:
A V within a O & a single ?pear? in each of the spaces between the V & surrounding O
Then the letter n
Then a lion rampant
Then another letter n

My attempts to photograph the marks were bad, very bad!

Any help on where this spoon was made, when and by whom would be appreciated.

Take a look at the Hanau makers’ marks on this page to see if there is anything you recognise.