Elkington & Company Sterling Queen Victoria Coin Bowl

I would like to know if anyone has ever seen another bowl like this and what the value might be~ I have not been able to find any similar examples on the internet.
The base reads ‘This bowl contains coins of various types issued during the reign of Queen Victoria from 1831-1901’. I believe the date letter is that of 1901. The bowl weighs 23.96ozt and is approx 4.75"h, 7.75"diam.
Thank you for any information you may provide!

Hi there by similar do you mean in style, maker , etc? happy to help if i can

Hello! Thank you for your reply. We are researching for auction valuation this piece and a c. 1830 Matthew Boulton sterling centerpiece (accompanied by the consignors family reciept from the London Silver Vaults when they purchased in 1950)… Have been unable to find pieces like either to assist in the valuation.
Many thanks for any help you may be able to give.
Best Regards,

HI Victoria,

I havent seen a bowl that matches your description (especially with regards to weight), so struggling to help.

You may have already gone down this route but have you tried worthpoint.com ? not sure if that will be any use to you maybe worth a try though.


Thank you for the worthpoint suggestion. I will certaintly look into it. I made a mistake reagarding the weight. I had not converted it to troy ounces. The troy ounces are 23.96. (a bit more like it, eh).
Thank you again for your help!