Elkington silver plate Tea caddy?

Hi guys,

I’m new to this forum so this is a first post for me.

My daughter has inherited a silver plate box (see photos) which we are trying to get some history on.

I believe the makers mark to be Elkington’s & Co, Birmingham, Date code R either 1877 or 1903 (both are letter R I believe) and my guess is this is a tea caddy.

There is also another engraved mark below the pattern No. that I would like to know the origins of. Would this be the artists mark or perhaps the sellers mark?

Have I got these details right? If anyone can shed some light on this piece for us, we would be very grateful.

Many thanks in advance.

I don’t think that the R is a date code in this case as they normally have a surround of some particular shape around the letter indicating the series. The other mark is a design registration mark and shows that the design was registered on 12th May 1870, so the date of manufacture would be after that.

The box could well be a tea caddy, however the design elements: cherubs, flowers, butterflies, suggest to me a more overtly feminine market, so perhaps a trinket or dressing table box.

Many thanks. Thats interesting. The box was given to my mum when she worked in service in the early 50’s by the lady of the house, either as a christmas gift, or a leaving present. She was told then that it was quite old.

Is anyone aware if there are catalogues surviving about Elkingtons products, I would love to know more.