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Eloctroplate teapot, strange smell, origin?

image image image image

I bought this teapot in Rye, Southern England, it looks like a Victorian electroplate teapot but it has a very strong metallic smell to it…I wonder if it could be from India instead? Hhank you for any Ideas…

I can’t comment on the smell, but I agree with you that it looks Victorian - or possibly a bit later? and that it is electroplate. Unfortunately there is not enough left of the maker’s name / initials even to think about identification.


Hello Phil thank you for your thoughts…it looks very similar to other specimen from Sheffield and I have been trying to find a related one, but to no avail. the Hallmark unfortunately is as you said almost gone but the design with the top bud, feet and everything is very typical to Dixon etc…but it is hammered I think and It could be a cheaper mass production of lower quality from the period? Maybe someone will have seen another one…