Epergne with providence

Hello, I have a silver Epergne which has connections to the Cadbury (chocolate) Family. It’s been in my family for many years and was given to my late father, many years ago. He worked all his life for Cadbury’s. It very ornate and typically has an Australian theme, it is base stamped HW&Co and has a 4 digit serial number. It has loads of providence and I hope you can make it out through the tarnish. Can anyone help me with its background? My dad was always convinced that it was a valuable piece. Ironically, it was gifted to him by the then plant manager who found it appallingly ugly!
Thanks in advance

Your epergne is electroplated, not silver, and the maker is Horace Woodward & Co of Birmingham. As far as I know we do not have any records which would allow dating of the piece from the serial number but Woodwards were in business from the mid-19th century until the 1920s. Incidentally I think you meant to write provenance, not providence.


Thanks Phil, yes I did mean provenance… excuse my ignorance. I’m ok with the date as its actually stamped on one of the triangular faces “September 11 1902” the second face is engraved with the names WA & EH Cadbury and the third face with " Greetings from Austral Lands"