First ever post! Would someone be kind enough to ID hallmark

Good evening all,
First ever posting here.
I’ve joined this forum in the hope that someone has the expertise to identify this hallmark.
My Father is 88 years old and has always wanted to know the origins of his Mothers’ cutlery set, it’s maker and age.
I’ve said I’ll try and find out, via the wonders of the internet, so here goes.
The Hallmark says W.W E P A1 (Note there’s a DOT between the two W’s.
This seems to be a site full of people who might just be able to help us…I hope so!
Best regards to all.

Hallo I can help you a bit. WW is the maker and I dont know who that is.
EP stands for Electro Plated - so th cutlery is not in siver but electroplated.
A1 is a manufacturer defined quality of the silver plating. In fact it has no meaning - just to say that the product is a quality product. But noone controlled this.
Hope that someone can identify WW.