Footed sterling shell bowls- any info on the maker?

A pair of sterling shell dishes 5" in diameter on 3 ball feet marked “Sterling -W-”. Any thoughts as to maker and value? Thanks. (I mistakenly put this in the British sterling category first. Obviously, these dishes are not English, so I relisted them here.)

Hi there Kelly - I saw your dishes a few days ago and thought I knew the -W- but can’t find it in my American silver books. Even looked at an upside down M…

I’ll look some more. Any ideas faithful readers?


Uncle Vic

Thanks Uncle Vic I appreciate the effort.

It seems this mark is still a mystery. In looking at another silver site, I came across a pair of sterling decanter labels. The seller states that they are both marked sterling and one (Port) has the “-W-” mark like the shell bowls and the other (Scotch) although the same style is marked with a W in a shield. There is no image of the marks.

Here is the link: … page3.html

I looked for marks with a W in a shield and came up with J. Wagner and Sons but that mark doesn’t match the marks on the silver shell dishes.

Anyone have any thoughts with this new info?

Thanks, Kelly