Fordham & Faulkner Single Candlestick Holder 1912 - Valu

Good Morning,

Pictures are attached of a Fordham and Faulkner silver candlestick holder.

It measures just under 4.5" tall and base’s diameter is 4" x 3" oval.

The hallmarks are WF over AF (worn on the top left corner) , the crown to denote Sheffield, the lion to denote English Silver and the letter U which I believe dates this piece 1912.

It has a few scratches and a small dent on the side of the base.

The underneath of the candlestick holder needs repair (see photo)

Does anyone have any idea of value? I have no idea as I cannot find a similar piece. The only Fordham and Faulkner pieces I can find are much larger and are more detailed/ornate holders.

IMG_6549 (Custom).JPG
IMG_0070 (Custom).jpg
IMG_6548 (Custom).JPG

i dont collect makers, so no idea of the provenance, but £20 is an easy estimate. Worth more if theres a pair.