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George III tea set


Hello everyone,

I think this is George III. I’m either looking to sell to a museum who is interested in the family connections (all three pieces have a crest engraved on them) or to have them insured. I’d like to know their value as they are, and also what percentage I could put on them because of their provenance? Silver prices heer in Australia seem quite low in comparison to those shown on your web site. it is possible we may visit London and wondered requirements are imposed by customs. … nd/silver/

I hope these photos come out: they are quite big on pixels.
Looking forward to hearing from you,



I’ve looked at your photos and I’m afraid to sat that you set is mixed. I can only see two sets of hallmarks from your pictures but they are different makers and years(1804/5).

Usually, consecutive years are considered as good as a single year, but the different makers means that the set must be considered as assembled, even though it may have been together its whole life. This lowers the value.

The crests have no effect on the value of the set, which I would estimate at around £800.

Hope that helps




Thank you very much for your reply: interesting . I’ve had an insurance valuation for about 2/3rd more. I understand you add a third for insurance so your pricing is about the same. Do you operate on a similar equation in the UK? Still wondering whether to bring things to the UK. Have some nice George iii candlesticks with the Kett crest on them made in Birmingham 1813-14 Maker MP. This was a descendent of Kett of the Norfolk Kett rebellion … would this have any bearing on interest to other family members? Had those valued locally for $3000-4000 AUD.

I also have four Queen Anne candlsticks in an appalling state of repair, broken, with bits lost, dented, no bottoms etc. Can’t send a photo at the moment, but would there be a market (and would anyone find it worth while to restore or renovate…? Perhaps making two restored candlesticks out of the four? I had been told years ago they’d be worth quite a lot if they were whole.

Looking forward to hearing from you,