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Georgian 3legged round dish 134T??

Hi I am wondering if anyone can help with my bowl given to me by granny. It’s marked on the back as follows
PNS SAS (I think as the old eyes arenot what they use to be)
1 34
Above the Georgian Is a 5 pointed star with the letter S in it then what looks like an upside down boomerang
It is as big as a large dinner plate but is a bowl it has 3 feet attached to the bottom and they are solid round circles on their ends
Any advice re age cleaning etc and what it actually is would be gratefully appreciated
Thank you
Carmel Turner

Hi Carmel

Without a picture it is difficult to do anything but make a tentative guess. However, as you do not describe anything which sounds like a hallmark or silver fineness mark, I think it most likely that your dish is, at best, electroplated. I am suspicious of the letters PNS and wonder if there is (or was) an “E” in front of them - EPNS stands for electroplated nickel silver.

Assuming it is electroplated I would advise cleaning it carefully and gently with a good quality silver polish. Electroplate is a very thin coating of pure silver which can easily be removed by overenthusiastic polishing.