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Gorham set worth anything (and ID help)

Well, this is a bit of a 2 part question but figured I would post once instead of twice.

I recently inherited a set of Gorham silverware and have been going about the process of getting true IDs for all of the pieces. I have a TON of pics up and so far have ID’d almost the entire set. Trouble is, I have 2 pieces that I just don’t know what they are called (as in, I know they are Gorham Lyric buuuut…is it a soup spoon a sugar spoon a fruit spoon or what?)

I have no idea if the set is worth selling. It seems to be in pretty good shape over-all but each piece monogrammed (letter “H”) which i hear can kill any value.

Anyhow, the two pieces I can’t ID are both spoons. One looks very similar to a soup spoon but has a slight point at the end (not as pointed as a fruit spoon though). The other is a spoon as well, but it too is pointed and the surface is nearly flat. Here is a pic (I ID’d the knife as a master butter spread I believe).

Anyhow a picture of the pieces in question can be seen at-

A picture of the entire set is at-

And a TON of pictures of the entire set and pieces is located at-

Quick thx to Uncle Vic! By pointing me to I was able to finally ID the last 2 pieces of the set. A jelly server and a Sugar Spoon!

Boy I wish I had a clue what I was doing lolol! I put the Gorham set I have up on EBay and the first night I get an email (confirmed legit) with an offer to end the auction now for $3000. Clueless on whether I should let the auction run its course or not!

The set seems to go on replacements for around $5700 (mine has a few xtra pieces over the replacements set). The pricing varies quite a bit on ebay for other similar sets and…I have yet to find one really close to mine (many are in the 50-70 piece range, mine is 113).

Any advice?

Replacements’ asking prices seem about 25% high to me as a “broad brush” view. If it were me, I’d sit tight…but it ain’t me…good luck.

Uncle Vic

Well, I held off on the $3,000 offer. Auction ended today just a bit over $4000 so thx for the advice…was a good decision!