Gorham Silver Figurine Questions

Hello, everyone! My hubby and I own a store buying precious metals. Someone brought this little figurine in to us, and we are having a difficult time identifying how old it is and if it’s anything of interest to collectors or not. We have searched all over the internet with no success, so I’m hoping someone here can tell me something.

The statue is of a girl with flowers, sitting on a marble base. On the bottom of the marble base is a Gorham sticker that has the Gorham 20th century marks printed on it. On the lower part of the silver statue it says “Gorham” (pictured). The other side, which my husband didn’t send a photo of, says 926 - 2. And the back (also pictured) says “Sterling.” There is another mark which is very, very difficult to see, and I drew a reproduction of it as best I could and attached it here.

If anyone can tell me the age or name of this piece, or where I might find its approximate value, I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks for your time!