Gr-Gr-Gr-Grandma's coffee Pot! Too Many Gr's?

Family lore always said this Coffee Pot Came out to Australia in early 1800’s, but alas I have identified the maker’s mark, and now know that it was not made until at least after 1879. It is EPBM, Electroplated Brittania Metal, and made by James Dixon & Son in Sheffield, England. It has the famous Trumpet and Banner mark, which was granted in 1879. I hope that other marks will tell when it was made. Below the Trumpet & Banner it has E/P/B/M, then J/D/&/S/ , then 8464, then the number 2. Above the Trumpet is a mark that could be a diamond on its side? or a stylised butterfly? Above that is a “C” and above that an “R”, both upside down in relation to the main marks. A large “O” is over to one side, and an irregular “X” close to the main marks. Not so many “greats” old, but can you help decipher these marks for me? Many thanks for any help.

Frances McC
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Hi, sorry for the late reply, I haev been trying to find out info on the marks. You are right in thinking it was made by James Dixon & Sons, and as you say must have been made after 1879, as this was when the trumpet mark was first used. Unfortunetly I can find no reference to the other marks in any of my books, but I imagine some of them are shop marks, the X and the O, for example look to have been added later. All I can tell you is the trumpet mark was used from 1879-1935, so it must have been during this period. It looks very much late Victorian rather than Edwardian, so I would guess that it was made circa 1890.

Sorry I can’t help any further.
All the best

Thanks for all your efforts, Daniel. Looks as though we definitely have to settle for only one “Great”. I am particluarly intrigued by the mark above the Trumpet, and will soldier on trying to find out about it. Frances McC