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Grannys silver - only the fish knives and forks

Hi there all - I’m new to this forum and have a box of 6 fishknives and forks - they have ‘Watchmakers to the Admiralty, Greenwood, Jeweller and Silversmith, Huddersfield, Leeds’ written inside the wooden box. On the engraved silver (plate?) it says ‘A and D’ and then a couple of other hallmarks. There is also some engraving along the metalwork and the handles appear to be bone. We would like to pass these on to someone who appreciates them but have no idea of their worth? Please help!

Welcome to the forum. Valuation requires identification and in order to identify what you have we must see some pictures of the knives and forks and especially of any marks on them. Note that there may also be hallmarks on the ferrules (the metal bands between handle and blade or tine).