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Hallmark help on pocket watch


I was hoping someone can help me identifying what these hallmarks mean on a pocket watch I have.

The first 2 pictures are of the case the pocket watch sits in and then the last one is on the pocket watch itself.


The case was assayed in London during the assay year 1836/37 and was made in the workshop of William Carter at 22 Gateway Street, St. Luke’s, London. You will note that I have said “in the workshop of” rather than “by” William Carter. This is because the mark under WC is a journeyman’s mark, the private mark of the man who actually made it. Carter’s workman would have used this mark to be able to claim the piece work rate for his effort. Unfortunately there is no record of journeymen’s marks.

If you can get it any cleaner you may find that the partial hallmark on the pendant does not match the case. Pendant making was another speciality.