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Hallmark off a ladle?

Good Morning, i was wondering if anyone could help me identify a hallmark on a silver ladle, i’m not even sure it is real silver, just looks like it. not interested in value, just would like to know any history.

It’s electroplated rather than silver, made by Daniel & Arter of Birmingham and dates to the late 19th century.


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Thanks phil, much appreciated.


just an added thought, which marks say whats what?


I can only take them as a group. My go-to site for electroplate marks attributes it to Daniel & Arter: You will see almost the exact same combination together with “Brazilian Silver”, a known trademark of D&A.

i found the one you mean, it does state brazilian silver, i always thought that if anything was epns or similar that it had to state it, as shown in the pictures on that site, epns, ep etc, thank you for the info though, brings me a bit closer to knowing what it is, like i said earlier, its not the value, its the history that intrigued me.