Hallmark Questions

Hi All, I,am a new collector and have just acquired a Sterling Sugar Caster.
The Hallmarks are very clear and I have been able to identify them with the help of the internet.
The msker is GH George Hawson, The lion, Assay mark London, and date letter P 1910.
I have three questions,
1 George Howson is shown in various references as working in London but also as Harrison Bros.& Howson in Sheffield. Could my item have been made in Sheffield and sent to London to be assayed ?
2 A small version of the hallmark is stamped on the removable lid but instead of the date letter being last which I believe is normal, it is second last, is this signifigent ?
3 Up inside the concave base in very smsll text are the lettere GA. There was a silversmith names George Adam about the right time. This has just added to my confusion
Hope one of you knowledgeable people can help.
Thanks in advance.

A London hallmark was slightly more prestigious than a provincial one. Several Sheffield manufacturers had London retail outlets and would have probably preferred a London hallmark on silver sold there. So the answer to your first question is yes, the teapot was almost certainly made in Sheffield but sold in London.

Every single removable part, even if hinged, had to be hallmarked but it was normal for only partial marks to be applied to the minor parts such as lids. There is no significance whatsoever to the order in which they appear.

GA is not George Adams, at least not the famous George Adams of Chawner & Co, who was working 1840-c1880. It may well be a journeyman’s mark; i.e. the initials of the silversmith in Harrison Bros & Howson’s workshop who actually made, or was responsible for, the teapot.

Not sure if I,am doing this correctly but wish to thank “silvermakersmarks” for the reply
and helpful information. The Sugar Caster is only my third item so look forward to more collecting and many more questions on this forum.
Thanks again “gramar”