Can anyone help with this hallmark, I cannot find reference to BHA in rectangle as maker or the town stamp. I think the letter g is london 1902. the only BHA i can find is Barnet Henry Adamson but he is a silverplate maker i think and this has the lion mark for silver.
please help i keep drawing blanks.

Barnett H Abrahams (not Adamson) was a manufacturing jeweller, retailer and importer. This is his mark, with a London 1902 hallmark as you suggest.

Cheer’s for your help, that sounds about right but still cant understand the town assay mark, any ideas please.
Regards and thanks,

As I said, it’s London - the normal uncrowned leopard’s head.

Sorry i thought you were relating London to the date stamp,its good to know where to go to get this sort of information from obviously very knowledgeable and very helpful people like yourself. Very much appreciated,