Hallmarks....Help me...

Hi all.

I love silver.
I am now trying to read and understand hallmarks, but it is not so easy…So, I need some tip.

I know the mark for a city and so, but the age. Are there some easy tip on how to read the age on a hallmark, I can not remember them all, so a A-B-C for beginners tip is great.

The silver I like to buy are from 1850-1900, English and Irish silver.

Thanks for looking.

As a general rule date letters repeat every 25 years (or 20 for London) so, if you familiarise yourself with the style of the punch and the lettering for the year ranges which interest you, you can be sure of the approximate age. Check out the date letter tables at 925-1000.com. In addition most silver in the range you mention (1850-1900) will have the duty mark of Queen Victoria - although it does not appear after 1890.


Thanks. The link looks to be of great help to me.
Now, I have some studding to do. :smiley:

theres another site that is fantastic, one man owns and compiled his whole silver collection for every1 to look at. silvercollection.it also if you dont to resort to lookin on the net to find date marks etc, try a book called ‘jacksons hallmarks: pocket edition’ for british silver marks. Its a great book.

Oh, great.
Thanks for the tip. More reading. Great, very interesting these hallmark learning thing :smiley: