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HallMarks of handmedowns


This is a great site! 2 days ago my wife received from her dad some silver items.
I have some shots of the marks. I have other in progress. Any help would be great!!


Hi, and thanks for joining us on silver

Both the sets of marks you have photographed are silver plate marks. The top set I believe are American plate marks, The Paul Revere Silver Co were based in Boston I think, but Uncle Vic would know more than I do on this…

The bottom set of marks are English, Victorian plate marks, for Atkin Brothers, who were registered silversmiths in Sheffield. They started usig this mark in 1868, and continued it for a number of years. If you photograph the whole item I may be able to give you a better indication of age from the style…

Best regards


The Paul Revere Silver Co. operated in the early 1900s in Boston making silver plate flatware and holloware of good quality. One source indicates it was out of business by 1922. The mounted rider logo depicts Paul Revere, a noted American silversmith and hero of the American Revolution. His most famous work was the “Revere bowl” syle of bowl.

The Paul Revere Silver Co. is often confused with Revere Silversmiths which operated in Brooklyn, NY from 1914 until the present. It was acquired by Crown Silver in about 1960 and still operates as the Revere division of that company.

Uncle Vic


Thanks Folks!!

My digital camera is on the blink so I have been using the scanner. (This may be a great time to get another). I saw the link for using candle soot so the wife and I will be trying that with the Marks on the other stuff.

The Rever item is a rectangle tall “tea” pot with a long 6 sided spout. I was told the wood handle was repaired/replaced. The mark was on the bottom. I was thinking, why it was missing the last “e” , and thought it must be some sort of knock off.

The other is a tray. It has smooth handles and a outside rim with “rope like” metal design. Also having some yellow streaks in the “rope design” It is very heavy. About 6 lbs. It is about 22" long (without the handles included) and about 16" wide. The handles look different from the tray and the rim.

There is another pot, 2 cups, and cream and sugar (I guess) rectangle pots without lids.

We will post again once we try that candle technique.

Thanks very much to you both for you fast response and all your expert replys