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hallmarks on a pendant


I have a silver pendant that I just learned is a little case for stamps. I did some research and learned what the hallmarks mean, but I am not sure that I am right about the date hallmark. I learned that C&N means Crisford and Norris, that the anchor means Birmingham, that the lion means sterling silver and the lower case f supposedly means 1905. This is the part that I am confused about, though, because this pendant is engraved on the back in French, and the date engraved is in 1965. I looked up the date letter hallmark for 1965 online, though, and it is not an f (if the resource I used was even accurate). If anyone can shed any light on this, it would be greatly appreciated (photos attached).


Welcome to the forum, Sally. You are correct in thinking that this stamp case was assayed in 1905 (strictly speaking during the assay year 1905/06). The engraving of the date must have been done at a later time - perhaps to mark a presentation. It is relatively common for silver items to be engraved later; for example we see Georgian salvers ruined by 20th century inscriptions.

Thanks so much for your quick and helpful reply. I didn’t know it was common to have things engraved later. That is good to know.

Well, maybe not common, but it definitely happens. Silver lasts well and can be bought second-hand as an investment or a present. In addition, as a relatively soft material, it can be engraved easily.