Hallmarks on a vintage brooch

Can anyone help me with the hallmarks on this brooch? The 925 is for Sterling silver, but the other ones I do not know.

No doubt you can read for yourself the name of the maker, Hans Hansen. The other mark is an Edinburgh hallmark, AAC being the sponsor’s mark (in this case AAC is almost certainly the importer). 925 is self-explanatory and the other 2 marks are the lion rampant and Edinburgh castle. You will note that there is no date letter. This has been optional since 1998 so the brooch must be newer than that.


Hello Phil, thanks for having a look, I was indeed wondering what the AAC stood for and what it was next to to the Edinburgh castle. Thanks for clarifying and for mentioning that the date letter is optional, I didn’t know that either, but that makes the item far less valuable for me. I really appreciate it.