Hallmarks on London Silver Paten

I have worked this out to London 1772, I’d be grateful for confirmation or correction together with anything about the maker.

Many thanks,
paten hallmarks.JPG

Possible German Hanau.

I believe that this may be a London 1667 mark. Jackson records a WG mark described as “WG crowned in a dotted circle” and with the dates 1665-1666. However it is not exactly the same as this WG. Unfortunately very few makers’ names are recorded for the pre-1700 period so I am unable even to give any suggestions.

Goodness! how wrong was I?

No worries, John. I was initially in agreement with you - in fact I had already posted a reply in support of Hanau (hastily deleted!). Then I remembered that Kevin had previously asked about another very early piece of church plate (see here). So I decided it needed further investigation…


Many thanks for all the help.