Hallmarks which country?

Any idea what country these hallmarks are from? Thks

Hello, this is an important brand and indicates that it was made in England. I have watches with this brand and I’ve seen silvermakersmarks talk about it. In a few hours he will definitely tell you about her.

Thanks for your reply. But UK makers don’t use 925 written down. They use lion passant, number a-z for year and a symbol for city like anchor Birmingham and leopard London

I thought it might be a rolex.haha looks like a crown. I’ve seen that U symbol somewhere before when I was researching other silver items I have acquired.

Look forward to any input. Cheers

I’ve just found a website. Is it the Helvetia ligne 13 movement for the General watch company .importer is George Stockwell -GS (faded initials in the crown).

apcmetal is correct. This is a London import mark with the date letter d for 1919/20; UK import marks have used a numerical fineness value since 1904. GS is the mark of the importer, George Stockwell of Stockwell & Co.

There is a guide to UK import marks on my web site at Silver Import Marks.


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Yes, thank you Phil. I use your site a lot. Very useful it is indeed!

I didn’t notice the rubbed GS . That ‘U’ seemed.strange to me a well.

I see it’s probably. Helvetia trench watch?