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I have added a photograph of a piece of silver I have and I wonder if anyone can can give me any information about it. Above the guitar are 3 marks a lion facing the wrong way, next a mark I cannot make out, next an N with a crown above it. On the top of the barrel there are 2 marks one is H.H the second is 830.
Jamesfile:///C:/Users/jim/Pictures/2013 03 12/IMGP2679.JPG

I hope this works.

The lion is Netherlands 1853 to 1953 Item is made for export.
The minerva mark is used from 1814 and is still in use
The crowned N is year mark and it is from 1948
830 is the silver purity 83% a very common standard.
The HH is maker and its Herbert Hooijkaas from Schoonhoven active 1943 to 1980

Very informative many thanks.