Help Identify Silver Tray

hi, this Silver tray this was inhertied from my auntie please could you help ID this piece.
Sorry should have added this to my last post but i didnt realise it was silver until i checked it again!

I’m no expert but this is what i researched

S&S - No idea!
Standard Mark - Sterling .925
City - Sheffield
Date - ??? cant descipher the letter possibly an “n” 1905?

Also not sure why there is an engraving of 1732 underneath teh hallmark


Needs a clean!

Kind Regards

Hi, The maker mark looks like Stephenson & Sons. You’re correct with the ‘n’ for 1905/6,
The 1732 could be the scratch weight, i.e. the weight when it was assayed or perhaps a pwanbroker has put his number on it, presuming it had been pawned at some time in the past. If you weigh the salver you could compare the weight with 1732 and see if it makes any sense.
Hope this helps,

thanks again silvertt

just going to post in the valuation area - have no idea what they are worth…
obviosuly from the Edwardian period with a coat of arms of some description!


Hi, for the tray weight will be important in valuation. Cigarette boxes usually fetch about £20-30 at auction.