Help identify tea set from 1977?

Help would be appreciated. The tea pot is stamped 1977 and has a symbol with a P in it. Matching sugar and cream both have a hallmark that I haven’t been able to identify. All 3 are also etched 3254W. Pictures below.

To me the hallmark looks like a bear, an eagle, B, M. Anyone recognize this?

1977 is not a date; it’s a pattern or model number. The “hallmark” comprises the letters EPBM which stand for electroplated Britannia metal, so your teaset is not silver as it is made from a pewter-like base metal alloy with a microscopically thin layer of pure silver deposited on the surface. The manufacturer’s mark of a P in a decorated lozenge is that of James Pinder & Co of Sheffield who were active between 1877 and 1894.