Help identify this item

Does anyone know what this is and what is missing from the top please.

on top is missing a chrystal bowl
Please post picture of marks.

Thanks for the fast responce. This is the best picture of the marks i could get.

is center mark a crown? and what does it say under it?

Take each mark and describe it. Read what you can and elaborate. Take one mark at a time.

The center mark is a crown underneath is the letter E & Co. The mark to the left looks like a hammer and sickle. The mark to the right is the letter M.

My apologies to hose_dk if I am jumping in before he can answer…

This is an electroplate mark of Elkington & Co of Birmingham. The “M” is probably an Elkington-specific date code. You can find some more about the company together with illustrations of some of their marks and their date coding system here.

Another possibility for what is missing is some sort of elaborate candelabra.

no problem - I could not identify it anyhow.
Another possibility is that some ornament i EP is missing at top - I am not sure of the word for it - but so that it had a similar look of a tree. Palm tree or something lik that. Dont know if that “explanation” is understanable to anyone :slight_smile:

Thank you both for your help its good to know what it is at last. Do you think it would have any value with the top piece missing.

Everything has a value. Yours should be evaluated in respect that top is missing, lack of practical use, out of facion, not silver but plate.
Having said that - it still have a historical interest and could have som value due to its family history. Your history.

Nonetary value - I have no idea.

Thank you Hose-dk you have been very helpfull.

Hello, I was wondering can you help to identify the hallmark below on a item the my neigboure has been unabel to find off the local jeweller shops

Could be a Chinese export silver mark. Possibly Wing Nam?

Thank you. Gives me a new venture to follow.