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Help identifying 1707 tankard

I have a silver tankard which I believe from the marks is a London assayed 1707 piece but I cannot identify the first mark or find a maker
The marks are shown and on the handle is what I think is the makers mark - hard to see as it’s very worn but appears to be FL or EL with dots around and in a heart or shield shape.
Please help…

Here are a couple of possibilities from Jackson:

John Fletcher, entered 1699-1700:

Anthony Blackford, entered 1702:

Incidentally what you have is a mug, not a tankard - tankards have lids.

Many thanks - I think it must be Fletcher as it is deffinately not a worn down B

Thanks for the correct nomenclature too - I have just inherrited this from my grandfather and knew nothing about or silver in general. It’s amazing to think that 301 years on I can know who made this mug and where etc

Incidentally, can anyone say if it is likely to need separate insurance - in other words is it valuable enough not to be covered on standard household or it is likely to be inexpensive.