Help identifying hallmark

Hello. Would anyone be able to help with the identification of a tiny silver hallmark / assay mark?
Please see attached photo. I can make out the lower part of the English lion, a faded leopard’s head (for London?), and letter ‘b’ for the date. But I can’t find out what the final tiny hallmark is. It almost looks like an upside down ‘A’. Any ideas? Thanks.

That’s a bit of a mystery. I can certainly identify the lion passant mark for sterling silver, the London uncrowned leopard’s head and the date letter “b” for 1897/98. But the other mark, which conventionally would be the maker’s/sponsor’s mark doesn’t look like anything I recognise. For one thing it is much smaller than a normal mark would be and the “letters” are very close together. Upside down it looks like AI; although there are a few AI maker’s marks registered by the Assay Office none of them seem to have been active in 1897.


Thank you Phil… I’m glad I was on the right track with the first three. I’ve been researching all afternoon but can’t find anything about the last little mark.