Help identifying marks please

I’m new here and looking for help on marks on a large silver spoon I have, photographing silver is indeed difficult but I have had a go. Cant make out the makers name but the other hallmarks are lion, leopards head and what looks like a number 1?
The mark I am really interested in however is the one at the top of the handle, looks quite runic maybe masonic? Any help would be appreciated.
SILVER MARKS 001-Optimized-Optimized.jpg

And the other hallmark
SILVER MARKS 002-Optimized-Optimized-1.jpg

The mark on the top of the handle is a letter “L”, presumably a family’s initial. The hallmark is a London mark; what you identified as a number 1 is a letter “l”, the date code for 1906. Your picture is too blurred to make out and identify the maker’s mark.

Thanks for that information, I can’t even see the makers name with a magnifying glass! I think it might be: the two letters on the top could be C or G W with T or F CW underneath does that mean anything to anyone and ultimately is it worth keeping?

Actually I think I have solved it, I think it is a JW with FCW underneath which is James Wakely and Frank Clark Wheeler, I believe the mark is from 1900 so 1906 fits.

Thanks everyone!