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Help identifying Mexican makers mark

Hi all,

I have three items, all have the “3” eagle mark, which I’m told is from TAXCO and one item actually says taxco, but I can’t find any information on the makers mark.

The first is a poison ring with what looks like jade in it. On this mark I can see TEXCO MEXICO in an arch around the 925 silver mark and something underneath the 925 which I can’t see.The the eagle “3” “bell” is off to the left of this mark.

The other two items are a ring with green stone and something which looks like it’s be used to help tie shoe laces or hang off a belt with a red stone in it? Both have the “3” eagle mark and then they both seem to say “HAM” which I’m guessing is the makers mark, I’m just at a loss trying to find the makers of the ring and shoe lace tier and also the maker of the poison ring.

I’m put links below to high res pics below so you can see and I’d appreciate any help. Thank you all.

Poison ring makers mark:

Belt hanger/shoe lace tyer? makers mark:

Green ring makers mark:

The poison ring: (And yes, I do have it on my hairy man hand lol)

The green ring and belt thingy :slight_smile::

Thank you all, I know I’m asking a lot for a first post, but I’m helping a mate clear her house out to see off a load of stuff and these are three out of 80 items of silver I’m trying to investigate, from 18th century embossed mirrors, to match boxes, pocket watches, jewelry etc. Very interesting though, I’m finding out so much.