Help identifying Needle Case

Could someone please help me identify the marks. Any information would be appreciated. I have tried to research it myself, but am having trouble making out the detail of these markings.

This looks like it’s probably a Chester hallmark but your picture is far too blurred to be sure about the details. Please try to get a clear in-focus picture of the marks. Remember that a small, clear picture is far more use than getting in too close and ending up with a blurry mess.

And it’s not a needle case. The conical shape indicates that it’s the case for a cheroot or cigarette holder.


Hi Phil
Thanks for your information. Sorry about the quality of photos. It seems my photography skills are matched by my researching capabilities. I have tried again with some more photos. I hope these are a little better.

Definitely a Chester hallmark. Your pictures are still not fully in focus but I can now see that the maker’s mark is W.H.W for William Harrison Walter of London. This mark was registered at Chester in about 1888. The date letter (on the far right) is still not clear enough to identify; perhaps you will be able to work it out for yourself from my Chester marks page.

Thank you very much. Your information has helped a lot. I will continue to research and look at updating my camera.