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Help identifying silver markings on a family Kiddish Cup

Hi everyone, I was recently given the family Kiddish Cup and we’re tying to figure out where/when this cup originated. It’s a small cup, and the engraving has faded, best I can tell it reads:
“_____ April”

Along the base, it says THUN, 2 (might be a 12), S, and some symbol I can’t describe very well.

My family comes from Russia and Poland, so it’s likely this is not American silver, but I really have no idea where it comes from so I don’t know how to narrow down my search. I’m not looking to determine value or sell it, I just want to know where it comes from, so we can then figure out how long it’s been in our family. Thanks so much!

It’s German. The maker Thun (Johann Christian Thun) was known to be working during 1833-1845 in Königsberg, and the partial city mark next to the tremolierstich (the zig-zag assay sample mark) matches that of Königsberg. The number 12 is the silver standard (12 lot = .750). And S is a date code but I don’t have a reference to date it accurately.


Awesome, thanks for the help!