Hi i’m Andy and this is my first post.
Please find attached pics of a silver salver (approx 8" diameter) that has recently been left to me in a will.
Can anybody shed some light on its origins and maybe confirm details from the hallmark etc?

I eagerly await your reply!!!

Thankyou in advance…

Andy h

Hi Andy

Congratulations,you have inherited a nice silver salver that is over 200 years old. The salver was assayed in London 1780-81. The sponsors mark (Silversmith) is for Robert Jones I. This must have been one of his latter pieces since he had died by January 1783 when his wife registered her mark.

A little trick for London hallmarks is that if the Leopard has a crown, the date is before 1821. If there is not mark showing the current monarch’s head, the is dated before 1784. From 1784 to 1890 a monarch’s head is shown along with the other marks, this is a duty mark. The duty mark is also seen on all the assay offices.

thankyou keith - that has surprised me.
please can you tell me the significance of the letter ‘e’ marking?


The ‘e’ is the date letter that shows it was assayed 1780-81. There are charts available for each assay office either, in silver mark books or via the web.

Here is a chart for the London date marks. The cartouche around the letter and the letter style changes every 20-26 years. From these charts you can very easily date british silver.

Hope this helps.

thanks - you have been of great help…

Right next question - curiosity has got the better of me.
How much would this Salver be worth???