Help identifying Silver table vase

Please can you help me identify the age and orgin of this table vase. I was given it by an eldery relative and i am interested to know if it was originally designed as a table piece. My wife is not particularly keen on it, however i think it is charming, hence i would be interested to know more about it. Many thanks for your help

We need a close-up of the marks to be positive, but it isn’t 1825 as there is no duty mark - most probably 1905. Can you also include the maker’s mark (to the left of the 3 hallmark marks) so that we can make an identification for you. How big is it? and do you think that the insert is a later addition?

Thank you for your response and please find attached a close up of the hall marks. I have noticed that since taking the picture there are some other letters which i presume are the name of the creator ?
vase close.jpg

JW over FCW is the London company Wakely & Wheeler. The initials stand for the principals of the company, James Wakely & Frank Clarke Wheeler. I can confirm the date as 1905.

Just a note in terms of use, the spike would be to attach a solid foam/sponge to, which flowers would then be stuck in to.

I’m not sure its necessarily original to the bowl though.

(and I’m with you, I think its a charming piece!)