Help Identifying Spoon-NOVICE Here!

I am selling coins for a client, and this spoon was in the collection. Can you help me identify, and give any advice on pricing? Here are some photos. To me it looks like (from top) 1A, MC, J765, D, ??, Lion, D.M.

This spoon has a London sterling silver hallmark for the assay year 1762/63 with the maker’s mark WT (script) for a maker whose name we unfortunately do not know as the records for this period have been lost.

The marking on the other side, IA over MC over 1764 almost certainly commemorate a marriage (of Mr J A to Miss M C). The letter J at this period was normally rendered as an I. I don’t know why they repeated the inscription in the following year.

Value will depend on conditions in your local market. You should be able to find a similar sized and aged spoon in Ebay’s “Sold” listings. This will give you a good idea of what people are prepared to pay.


Wow! Thanks so much!!