Help identifying two sterling spoons

Hello, I have two spoons approx 6 inches in length. The first is monogrammed with an “F” on the front and 1916 on the back; the hallmarks appear to be a face-profile, Sterling, B.

Second is monogrammed “Leeorra” on the front, 07 on the back, and hallmark appears to be an S over a T over an Anchor(?) in a box followed by “Sterling”

Any help is appreciated. Trying to figure out if these are anything special. Thank you in advance.

I tried to link the pictures of the front but they aren’t showing up, hopefully these two will suffice in helping with identification. The one with 1916 has a monogrammed English(British) F (in a shield with laurel’s on either side) on the front side, the other has the name Leeorra and a leaf design.