Help identifying Wallace T100

Hi! I was doing some research to try and find out some information on a platter I have, but I can’t seem to find anything similar to it, so I just joined your group in hopes you could help.
The question is whether or not the platter I have is solid silver or silverplate. Some people say that Wallace never made anything greater than 925, but other people say that T100 is pure silver. I can’t find a Wallace piece that has a similar stamp:

The platter is 17” and weighs 4lbs.

T100 would most likely be the pattern number. If it doesn’t say “sterling” it’s not silver.


Almost nothing is made of pure, 100% silver (actually, 99.9%, which is about as high as it’s possible to get) - it’s too soft and malleable, and would scratch, bend, etc.

The “T100” is a pattern number. Looks like Wallace did a series of plated platters, with numbers like X100, W100, etc. An example:

ETA: What he said. ^^


Thank you so much for the info! I have friends who are amateur collectors, but they didn’t have an answer.
You’ve helped me a lot!