Help IDing Water Lily Design, "Palappur09"? "

I found a bundle of forks in a local antique consignment shop with a very nice water lily pattern I rather fancy. I’d like to identify it before I buy, to see if it is worth the price and how easily it would be to collect more of the design.

They’re silver, but I’m not sure if they’re silver plate or not. Or even who the maker is.

The front of the fork has an intricate water lily flower design on the tip of the handle, with scrolly fronds running down the sides to the head. The back has a nicely rendered design of the lilly pad leaves on the handle, but is otherwise un-adorned.

The only mark on the back is a word that looks like “Palappur09”. Google suggested it might be “palampur09”.

There’s no note on this bundle of forks at all, it’s merely tied with a bit of black twine with a price tag. I think there’s about five forks for $22.

I couldn’t get a clear photo of the mystery mark on the back; my iPhone just couldn’t focus that small.

Any ideas what the maker or pattern may be? I’ve tried a quick flip through some sources I’ve used to ID other patterns, but haven’t had any luck with no clear name to start with.

Here’s some pics:

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hi there and thanks for joining us. You should assume they are silver plated because there is no purity mark. That name does not match any maker I’m aware of and it may be a pattern name, as Google says its an area in India. Try doing a search on eBay, you never know…the odds of finding others to match would be slim though, so collecting that pattern is a crap shoot at best.

Perhaps some of our readers can help?


Uncle Vic

FOUND IT! Thanks. Your eBay suggestion triggered the keyword-generating part of my brain and I managed to find an auction with a matching pattern by using “silver water lilly”. The auction identified the manufacturer as American Silver Co. Did a search for that company’s name at The Sterling Silver Shop website. After scrolling through the flatware photos they had for that company I found the pattern!

The pattern name is Nenuphar by American Silver co. [url][/url]

Sometimes all you need for your brain to work right is someone to point out the obvious. Thanks, Uncle Vic. :smiley: