Help in identification please

Hi and thank you for taking the time out in hopefully helping me out.Ive recently bought a house and inherited a few things.One of which is this strange tankard/vase/trophy Ive done a bit of research on the net and think that its electroplated but am not sure.

Any help would be much appreciated, I dont want to throw it out incase its worth anything

Kind regards

DSC00383The trophy.jpg

walker & hall i believe. Sheffield maker who usually do silverplate, so yup plated most likely.

Yes, electroplate - A1 is often used on electroplate, supposedly to indicate quality, but it has no legal significance. I believe that the letter under W&H’s flag trademark is a date code, but I don’t have any reference which allows me to interpret it. Does anybody else out there?

You don’t say what size this piece is. It could be either a soda syphon holder or a celery vase. It was made in 1908.

Paul, can you give us your reference for the date please.

Wow 1908 thats pre titanic era. Fantastic! So should I invest and restore it to any former glory,or is it past it and nothing can be done?

And the letter under the flag is an X with a line through the middle.And ive had the same problem figuring out what it means.

And the size of it is 8.5inches wide from handle to handle and 9inches high.

Thanks again for your time in replying

Its very much appreciated


Oh I forgot to ask aswell,there is another number on the bottom its 107 and underneath it has an engraved sort of circle.Is this relavant aswell.

Thanks guys

Hello “silvermakersmarks”
In answer to the question about the date letter source. I am just in the latter stages of completing a small work about Walker and Hall. The main reason being to publish the date letter code system. I will post details of where it is available in the Books section of the Forum when it is complete.


Would I be wasting my time and money in getting this restored, and more importantly will it be worth anything now or after?

Kind regards

Just a personal opinion, but I don’t think it would be worth spending much time and effort on it. However before you even consider restoration you should try giving it a polish to get some feel for how much, if any, plate loss there actually is.