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Help in identifying a silver broach?

Hi I have got a broach, it states it is Silver but there is no other markings. Can anyone help me in identifying it.
It is in a box, but I am not sure if it is the right one as it is a clock and watchmakers box, made by Charels Frodsham & Co Ltd. :slight_smile:

It is unlikely that anybody will be able to help with your brooch as there are so few clues, but for us to stand any chance at all we must see pictures of the brooch and the markings.

Thanks for the reply, I do have some photos but I couldnt get them uploaded as it was saying in needs to be 500 megapixals wide? Idont understand what it means. I know how to send through email. If you can do that it would be great Paulax x

It is recommended that pictures posted here be no more than 500 pixels wide or high. Review the top posts in Photographing Silver and resize your pictures - it’s quite straightforward really.