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HELP! Is my item sterling?

Whatever you can tell me about this item by the hallmark would be great. There appear to be numbers on the bottom of the hallmark but they are very light impressions and I can’t quite make them out. Thank you all so much! :smiley:
silver hallmark.png

no this is typhical marks on plate.
Unless they are american because those marks are a jungle.

Okay, Thank you for your reply! I was hoping it may have been British silver since the numbers underneath looked like they may have been 958

I suppose now I know!

The numbers are probably the pattern number. I’m having some difficulty reading the mark from your photo. From the left reading right, I see the crown, then a letter(s) I can’t make out, then “&”, and finally “Co”. So I presume the crown is part of the maker’s mark and the maker is “_____” & Co.". Help me fill in the blank and perhaps we can identify the maker.

In any event, Hose is correct that it is not sterling silver due to the absence of purity marks.


Uncle Vic