Help me identify what this is, too small for a goblet ???

[color=blue]Can anyone help me identify what this is exactly? I first thought it was maybe a goblet but Ive yet to find one that’s shaped exactly the same way. Plus its almost too small to be a goblet I would think. It stands about 3" tall and is approx. 1.5" wide across the top. Perhaps its part of a smoking or smokers set? Ive searched and searched and finally just recently found who the initials (R star symbol M) stands for. I believe its ROUX-MARQUIAND of France. Now I just need some help on what the item is or is used for and possible value. Any information or even ideas on what it possibly could be would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

(I apologize as the photos aren’t very good. I struggle at taking pictures of silver items! I’ve read several tips and tried it all but without much luck.)