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Help me know the value

Hi. I’ve inherited this silverware and I need to sell it. Can anyone ballpark

it’s value for me. It’s can serve 9 people. Thank you.

Try Ebay’s “Sold” items, but note that the pattern may also have some significance. US silver is not my area of interest so I can’t offer any further help. Can anyone else out there give any guidance?


I think Phil’s advice is excellent. I will say that Gorham items tend to go for more than some of the other US silver makers, and were considered higher quality, though not (I think) at the same level as Tiffany. It looks like it could use a good polishing (do not use any dipping products). How many pieces per setting, and how many settings? From what I can see it looks like a fair number in each setting, which is very good. Not having monograms usually helps, too. It does not look to have that many serving pieces, so that’s not in its favor. But, you should be able to find a fairly similar listing of sold Gorham sets in that pattern to get a rough idea.