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Help need identifying this mark please

Looking for an identification of this mark please if anyone can help.

it’s from this peice, was thinking it may be late victorian?



Can you get it bigger and clearer? Even the expanded version is illegible.

sorry posted the wrong close up

looks like a “clover” (or to me a radiation symbol lol) but cannot see any other marks inside “clover”

I’m not sure about the clover but the other marks are EPNS = ElectroPlated Nickel Silver, so it’s not silver. The “clover” mark is not familiar to me. In addition I am not even sure there is any lettering in it. It may therefore be a factory ID mark and not a trade mark. The pattern number is quite high so we are probably looking for a fairly prolific manufacturer.

With the EPNS stamp your preserve jar stand is probably from the UK, USA or some other English-speaking country. Without a manufacturer, dating is going to be near impossible but my feeling would be 20th rather than 19th century.


yeah sorry I forgot to post that I was aware that it was silver plate. I recently sold a similar object, in the sense of the moulded glass dish, which was dated to 1897. The actual silver plate has numerous similarities also such as the feet, handle etc so yeah late 19th early 20th I’m thinking.