Help Needed is this Austrian or French Silver Pepper Grinder?

I recently found what i believe to be a Pre-1921 Austrian silver pepper mill/grinder. I’m basing that on hallmark. The second mark has letters VR and i have been unable to ID it. Can anyone out there give me more info or give me direction on how to learn more about what i have. I appears to have been made in 3 pieces and “soldered” together. It has small door in which to load pepper and a lock on bottom to secure mechanism. Thanks in advance for any help


I think this is French with the helmetted Minerva head used after 1838. The form of the maker’s mark, initials plus symbols in a diamond or lozenge shape, is typically French.


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Thanks Phil, i will check into that.

Big thanks to Phil for new info. Looks like it was French made by Victor Boivin. Thanks for help